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Areas of Combat Covered

Systema covers all elements of combat, reducing the need to cross train in other arts. The principles remain the same whether armed or unarmed combat is the method in question.

The benefits gained from Systema are easily applied to other arts if you wish to continue training in others.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Systema can train you to deal effectively with punches, kicks, escapes from grabs and holds, and teaches you how to strike effectively and efficiently from any angle. Fighting from the ground whilst the standing opponent is trying to strike you and ground fighting are also covered.

Multiple opponents and defence against them is covered extensively as there is often more than one assailant in reality, utilising attackers strikes against each other and using them as shields are a couple of the areas covered.

Personal protection, including that of others eg. girlfriend, wife, kids, friends, is part of Systema that can benefit not only yourself but the safety of those around you, making you more aware of your surroundings and possible dangers. However, learning our system can give an edge in terms of self-defense and personal protection. This is only positive news for you and those you love and care about.

Weapons Combat

In today's society the use of weapons is becoming increasingly common, with more and more people carrying weapons on them whilst in public. The increased use of weapons means that people must be more aware of their surroundings and should be taught how to deal with weapons effectively without putting themselves in unnecessary danger.

Systema, unlike many other martial arts, teaches you weapons defence from possibly your first lesson. It is not wise to wait until you have covered years of training before you approach the subject of weapons defence.

In Systema classes you will learn defences against knives, sticks, guns, and how to use knives, sticks and improvised weapons to disarm attackers.

Naturally as with unarmed combat, but especially because of the severity of weapons attacks, avoidance of the situation takes paramount priority. If he wants your car, let him have it, money can't buy lives.