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Greg Coveney

07748 962357

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Maidenhead Training Group

Greg Coveney and Darren Pickard formed the Maidenhead Training Group in December 2000. After attending several Systema seminars they both wished to train regularly in Systema, however at this time there was only one other place in the UK that offered training in it, so found a venue and it all started from there. Through travel to Canada, Russia, Germany and extensive seminars throughout the UK they have gained experience to be able to pass this onto others. It has been run ever since then with students travelling from around the South making the trips to train in one of the only Systema training groups in the country at the time, and still only one of a few that continue to exist.

The instructors are registered with Systema UK, who organise several seminars each year including visits by Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko and are fully insured through AMA.

Their attitude to teaching Systema is to have fun and enjoy yourself whilst learning a very effective combative art. Class sizes vary, although sizes are regularly 10+ per class, allowing for good variety of training partners and high levels of attention from both the instructors.

Beginners are always welcome.