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Greg Coveney

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Welcome to Systema Maidenhead

No belts, no uniforms, no katas or stances!

No formality or rituals!

It’s real, practical, exciting training.

Greg Coveney and Darren Pickard formed the Maidenhead Training Group in December 2000. After attending several Systema seminars they both wished to train regularly in Systema. It has been run ever since then with students travelling from around the South making the trips to train in one of the only Systema training groups in the country at the time.

The instructors are registered with Systema UK, who organise several seminars each year including visits by Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko.

Who is it for?

The System is an easy to learn martial art that is ideal for people with or without martial arts experience. Students range from every day workers, students, and can be used by people that uphold the law. The System is a very practical and unique form of self-defence. Systema covers all elements of combat, reducing the need to cross train in other arts. The principles remain the same whether armed or unarmed combat is the method in question. The benefits gained from Systema are easily applied to other arts if you wish to continue training in others.

Russian Health Exercises

As well as covering combat the Russians have a very good system of health practices (without the vodka). Slow dynamic exercises to improve core strength are covered along with some unique breathing drills. Emphasis is placed on structural alignment throughout all exercises and this should spill over into everyday life.